Frequently Asked Questions

What is Genie?

Your on-demand relationship guru.

Why did you build it?

In life we often find ourselves in challenging situations and have no one to talk to. Even if we can wrangle a friend or family member into an awkward conversation, they often lack the context required to truly be helpful. We're on a mission at Genie to improve emotional wellness, reduce social isolation, and empower people.

How does it work?

You are matched with your Genie and can then schedule 25 minute live video sessions with them.

How far in advance do I need to book a Session?

You can often book a Genie on demand and talk to them within 60 seconds. If the Genie you want isn't available you'll be able to see their schedule up to a week in advance.

What does Genie cost?

$15 for a 25 minute Session. You can text your Genie any time for free.

How do you match me with my Genie?

We take you through the Genie Quiz to get a baseline of what's going on in your life. We display the Genies who have the most relevant expertise based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Can I switch Genies?

Absolutely! We work really hard to match you with the right Genie from the start but we completely understand that sometimes things don't work out. If you want to switch Genies please shoot us a note to and we'll have a team member reach out to you directly to help find you the perfect Genie.

How often should I talk to my Genie?

You're welcome to talk to your Genie as often as you'd like. We find that our Clients see the most progress in their lives with 2 Sessions per week.

What can I talk to my Genie about?

Anything relationship oriented! You're Genie is prepared to give you micro tactics (how to get over first-date jitters) all the way up to major life principles that need to be worked on over extended periods of time. Your Genie is your biggest advocate and is down to talk about whatever you're comfortable with.

Are my Sessions kept confidential?

Yes. What you discuss in your Sessions will stay between you and your Genie.

What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel a Session up to 12hr before your Session start time and receive a full refund. Genies are in high demand and we have to be respectful of their time! If you cancel within 12 hours of your Session start time you will not be refunded.

When am I charged for a Session?

You're charged for a Session upon booking. If you cancel earlier than 12 hours before your Session starts you'll be refunded.

Where is Genie available?

Genie is available worldwide.

Do you offer subscriptions?

Currently you can only book one Session at a time.

I had a bad Session. Can I get a refund?

Of course. We want you to have a remarkable experience with Genie. If you ever feel unsatisfied please send us an email to and we'll try to fix the situation ASAP.

I love Genie! I want to tell all of my friends about it. Do you have a referral program?

Yes! In the Settings section of the Genie app go to “Earn Free Sessions”. For every person you refer you'll earn $5.

I'm having technical issues. Can you help?

Absolutely. Since you're talking to your Genie over live video, connection quality is super important. To ensure a high quality connection (and to protect your data plan) we recommend conducting Sessions over WiFi. If you're having issues unrelated to connection, we've likely designed something in a confusing way or you've stumbled across a bug. We'd love to make hear from you so we can make the Genie experience better. Please reach out to